Ubuntu Initial Setup


A new Ubuntu virtual machine need some initial setup to be done to make is useful for various task. In this tutorial we will learn step by step initial setup of a fresh Ubuntu machine.

Step by Step initial setup guide for Ubuntu:

Step 1> IP Address configuration

Right after the Ubuntu machine is powered on, the first important thing we need to do is to assign an ip address on the machine. The Ubuntu machine can get an ip address from DHCP server or a manual ip address can be configured.

Click on the icon as shown in screenshot and select wired setting.

Wired connection setting icon.

Click on gear icon to setup ip address of the machine.

Setting wired connection profile

The ip address, link speed, gateway ip address, DNS server ip address assigned to the machine can be shown in the details page. If need the setting can be modified under ipv4, ipv5 tab.

details of wired connection

Step 2> Proxy Setting (Optional)

Now if the machine have direct internet access then this step is not required. If there is a proxy through which internet access is given then we need to specify the proxy details.

Network proxy setting
proxy config

Step 3> apt-get proxy configuration (Optional)

As a next step we need to update the apt get so that the machine will have latest updates which are needed to install various packages. In case there is a proxy in network then we need to add proxy config details for apt-get. For that we need to add a file named as “proxy.conf” under directory “/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/“. The file should contain below content:

Acquire::http::Proxy "";
Acquire::https::Proxy "";

Step 4> apt-get update

Now before we install any packages we need to perform apt-get update. Run command apt-get update as shown in below screenshot

linux machine initial setup apt-get update

Step 5> Install packages

To take ssh of the ubuntu machine from a remote machine we need to install open-ssh server. Use below command to install open ssh server

sudo apt-get install openssh-server

curl is not installed by default. Run below command to install curl command.

sudo apt-get install curl

With this we have done basic setup of ubuntu machine. Various packages can be further installed as needed.

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