Ubuntu Initial Setup

Introduction: A new Ubuntu virtual machine need some initial setup to be done to make is useful for various task. In this tutorial we will learn step by step initial setup of a fresh Ubuntu machine. Step by Step initial setup guide for Ubuntu: Step 1> IP Address configuration Right after the Ubuntu machine is … Read more

Understand ntpq command output

NTP (network time protocol) is a protocol which is used to synchronize time on computers, devices. In operating system like ubuntu we can use ntpq to synchronize the time. In this post we will understand in detailed output of ntpq command. NTP configuration is kept under file /etc/ntp.conf file. We will get below kind of … Read more

Understand ls command output in linux

Output of ls command in linux can list content of a directory. It can provide all the files present in the directory as well as all in the sub-directories.  In Linux everything is represented as a file. A sample output of ls -lh is given below. In this we can see there are total 4 … Read more

Create cronjob script using crontab

Cronjob are the tasks which we want to run on a regular internal on a Linux machine. For example we can copy certain file in every 5 min from one directory to another directory or we can check if certain ip address was reachable from the system. We can schedule a cronjob using crontab which … Read more