Cisco ISE (3.3) integration with Active directory

Cisco ISE (Identity Services Engine) 3.3 have new look and feel however underlying concept remains the same. Cisco ISE can be integrated with Active directory to authenticate users, domain joined machines for machine authentication. We can also pull groups created on active directory. The group can be used in access control policies to provide the … Read more

MicroSegmentation configuration with Cisco secure workload

Microsegmentation is a network security technique which helps in dividing a data center into logically small cell containing a workload (A server). Security policies can be configured around a particular workload. With the help of micro-segmentation we allow only the required traffic needed by business and block rest of the traffic. Cisco have a Micro-segmentation … Read more

Understand ntpq command output

NTP (network time protocol) is a protocol which is used to synchronize time on computers, devices. In operating system like ubuntu we can use ntpq to synchronize the time. In this post we will understand in detailed output of ntpq command. NTP configuration is kept under file /etc/ntp.conf file. We will get below kind of … Read more

Cisco Secure firewall netflow Configuration

NetFlow is a network protocol developed by Cisco Systems that enables network administrators to collect and analyze network traffic data. It provides a method for capturing and recording detailed information about each network flow, including source and destination IP addresses, packet and byte counts, protocol types, and other relevant details. Cisco secure firewall can also … Read more

Certutil and Get-FileHash to calculate file hash

In an age dominated by digital information, the security and trustworthiness of data and files are of paramount concern. One pivotal technique in this realm is the calculation of file hashes, a process that serves as a digital guardian of data integrity. File hash calculation is a multifaceted tool with several critical functions. Firstly, it … Read more